New World Marketing


We have over 3,000 consumer micro-selects, otherwise known as propensities. We sell a ton of propensities with amazing results!

How are Propensities compiled? These selects are created with a sophisticated model using industry-specific, syndicated data from leading providers including actual purchase information from companies like American Express. Our clients have

been getting 20% an over better response adding Propensities to a list order.

Here are some of our most popular propensities.

  • Fitness Warriors
  • Early Technology Adopters
  • Households Who purchase Sugar Free Food
  • AT&T Wireless Customer
  • In Market for Japanese Luxury Vehicle
  • Heavy Facebook User
  • Casino Gamblers
  • Social Influencer
  • Plans to Buy a Pre-Owned Home
  • Dines at a Quick Service Mexican Restaurant

Aside from these, a premium select that is extremely popular is our ESI (Economic Stability Indicator) which is similar to a modeled credit score. My clients have had great success with it.